Backup & Disaster Recovery

Many times, organizations do not realize the profound effect data loss and downtime can have on small to medium-institutions. To meet this challenge, Praxis Data Systems strives to create awareness and expose the reality of the devastating effects which come with ineffective backup, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Praxis Data Systems Backup, Recovery and BCP Solutions:

Information fuels business. Modern organizations subsist largely on how well they handle the reams of corporate data that define them. Every step of today’s commerce and business interactions generate vast quantities of vital information needed to keep the business running and customers happy – information that could be lost in the face of a major disaster or outage.

The importance of protecting all of this data is starkly evident in large enterprises, but the matter is no less important or critical in small and midsize organizations. Even with their limited resources and IT budgets, small businesses and banks require robust business continuity systems, disaster recovery plans and safeguards to ensure their precious IT assets are accessible in the event of a catastrophic outage or system failure.

Unfortunately, many organizations have ignored the basic safeguards of proper business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR). As a result, small institutions are at great risk when disaster strikes and network operations are disrupted. Like their enterprise counterparts, serious legal, financial and long-lasting damage to their brands and reputations WILL occur from such disruptions. And because their size often makes them less able to withstand such a blow, their very survival can be jeopardized.

Despite this need, many organizations are severely under-protected from systems failure because of their lack of essential BC/DR capabilities. Business continuity for businesses and especially banks involves proactive systems of replicated data and redundant networking and applications designed to “failover” in the event of an outage.

This allows mission-critical systems to remain operational with limited disruption. Included with business continuity are the more complex scenarios that address not only IT systems, but also things like personnel changes, supply chain challenges, malware and other risk management issues.

Praxis Data Systems has worked with banks and businesses in Cherry Hill, Voorhees and throughout South Jersey and the Philadelphia area to stay protected from the devastating effects of a natural disaster, power outage or system failure. For more information about disaster recovery solutions, please contact us today.

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