Praxis Data Systems, Inc

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Praxis Data Systems for outstanding service and to let you know that you have exceeded our expectations on a consistent basis since we first met only several months ago. At every level of your organization, your people have been extraordinary. We first reached out to you after realizing we might be close to a crisis with our computer system. Our Praxis consultant was immediately able to address our situation and put a plan in action that would not only ease our minds but enable us to continue our daily business operations uninterrupted. We depend so heavily on our email and data files that ‘peace of mind’ is essential when technical issues or problems arise. Your company has provided that for us. Again, thank you for the great service. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Praxis Data for years to come.

Praxis Data Systems, Inc

I researched many IT companies when we were looking to make a change form the company we were using. Praxis Data Systems, Inc. came out way ahead in many areas. We are a small, non-profit institution, yet we were treated no differently than their larger clients. Everyone at Praxis, from the sales staff to the technical staff, are very professional, honest, and a pleasure to work with. Work is done in a timely manner, which allows us not to miss a beat. We are also not getting “nickel and dimed” to death, which has happened in the past. We are very pleased with all of the results we have achieved form switching to Praxis.

Praxis Data Systems, Inc

Magnetic Metals Corporation hired Praxis Data Systems to help implement a complex network migration project. Magnetic Metals and myself were very impressed with the professionalism, experience and skills Praxis Data Systems displayed during the course of the project. We have been using the new hardware and software solutions put into place for a couple of months now. Many users have given me positive feedback on the new features of Exchange and the spam management for users provided by the Barracuda hardware solution. I have benefitted form the freedom of spam management which has allowed me to concentrate on managing the network. I would like to send special thanks to consultants for all their hard work on the project. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others looking to create a new or upgrade their existing network infrastructure.

Praxis Data Systems, Inc

Our company had been working on an IT solution for a conversion and migration of an outdated server and over 10 workstations. We have been with Praxis Data Systems for over 10 years as our IT partner so we knew we could count on them to complete the task. Our point of contact, Brad Owens, and his team planned the integration perfectly for us, from the brainstorming to what would fit our company best, to setting the stages for implementation with as little disruption to our business as possible.

The conversion was an absolute success with virtually NO down time. Any issues that did arise, Praxis was there with a solution to fix it. Brad did a wonderful job coordinating all that was needed to make the conversion go smoothly. Not to mention the technical team who physically did all the work to make sure there essentially was no down time. We could not have asked for a better outcome.

As the IT Coordinator of Horizon, I can say we are extremely happy with the result of the conversion and migration of a new server and workstations, and proud to have Praxis Data Systems as our IT Partner that we can count on!

Jessica Kopytko Project Manager Horizon Keystone Financial
Praxis Data Systems, Inc

Another year coming to an end and I can't even imagine getting through it without the help of Praxis Data System. I have said many a time that Praxis has saved not only the day but also my career.

The best compliment that I can give to Praxis Data System is that on those times when we needed to upgrade our servers the job was completed in such fashion as our office staff was not even aware that we were running on a new Server. I don't think I have to tell anyone that is running the IT side of their business that the silence from the end users is music to our ears.

The staff of Praxis are always so friendly and helpful and always wanting to help me out of a jam. The Tech Team at Praxis is the best and I will usually refer to them as the Wizards and my Saviors as well.

If I need help with solutions to Penny Plate's IT needs I can always count on Brad Owens to find one and to go that extra distance and over deliver on any of those needs he will find for us. He will find the best deals too as Brad is always looking out for his clients

From Harry to Brad, Kim, Jamie, Debbie, Laura, Emily, Russ, Dave, Joe, Steve, Dan, and everyone at Praxis I couldn't ask for better people to assist me in keeping the IT part of business running as smooth as possible for all these years.

I referred to everyone at Praxis as the staff earlier in this letter but to me they are more like family and they always treat me as a member of their family as well.

I can't say enough about everyone at Praxis but to sum it up I can always count on Praxis to keep things running smoothly for us.

To Everyone at Praxis Data Systems I would like to say Thank You for making my work life so much easier year in and year out.

Joe Eckert IT Director Penny Plate, Inc.