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If you haven’t experienced I.T. solutions that fit your company network and data center, then it may be time to look into what Praxis Data Systems can do for your I.T. networking and security. With Praxis Data Systems, you get a team of I.T. professionals who fully cover your I.T. network from A to Z with specialized expertise and a wealth of I.T. security options.  To be able to give you an I.T. company in Philadelphia who will be your co-strategist in intrusion and threat defense, cybersecurity, business continuity, cloud computing, and wireless networking is what we, your collaborator in safe I.T. networking, is all about.

Computer Networking Philadelphia

What You Get

When you partner with Philadelphia I.T. specialists Praxis Data Systems, you get much more than I.T. services “as usual”. You get seasoned pros who know the business, what it takes to meet best standards and practices, and more than anything – what it takes to satisfy clients with high demands for data center and network security.  As part of the Praxis Data Systems NETCARE program, here are the Top 7 I.T. services you will receive:

  1. Unlimited On-Site Service and Remote Support.
  2. Continuous Proactive Monitoring.
  3. Automatic Problem Resolution.
  4. System and Disaster Recovery Services.
  5. Strategic vCIO Services and Vendor Management.
  6. Leading-Edge Data Center Security, Intrusion Protection and Compliance Measures.
  7. Cloud-Based Backup Replication and Best-in-Class Business Continuity.

Solution-Driven I.T. That Works

As one of the top I.T. companies in Philadelphia, Praxis Data Systems is there with you each day, week, month and year as your close-monitoring I.T. department and vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer), without the hiring, training, and personnel expenditure requirement. As a CEO, Operations Chief, or other member of an organization, you can forget the worry over cyber threats, ransomware or email phishing scams. Praxis Data Systems specializes in keeping companies in line with HIPAA compliance and PCI compliance regulations, so you won’t be seeing any potential fines. Praxis Data Systems is solution-driven in its quest to keep its clients 100% safe, with data encryption, spam-filtering, cloud advanced antivirus, and much more!

Cybersecurity and Beyond

Our mission? To keep your SME, LLC, or large corporate entity safe and secure in the age of heightened cybersecurity, malware scams and HIPAA fines for non-compliance; to make sure you don’t have to wonder and worry if one of your employees will open a phishing email or click on a link that downloads a ransomware file. With Praxis Data Systems, you can rest assured that we are on the solution-driven task as your managed I.T. services provider. If you’ve had Philadelphia I.T. companies handling your networking solutions before and are simply looking for a team that can handle more – we are there to make those solutions a reality for you and your company, including leading-edge Cloud-Based RealTime security solutions.

Who We Are

Praxis Data Systems has aided companies in Philadelphia for over 25 years, and is dedicated to delivering only the best I.T. performance and industry standards. This esteemed industry recognition shows the level of trust and resources that two giants in the I.T. industry have imparted to us. Praxis Data Systems employs only the most intensively-trained staff, as well as focused problem-solving approaches to any conceivable I.T. networking problem you may experience. The overall reliability of our custom-designed networks is further evidence of our dedication to excellence.

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With I.T. support services that cover all your bases, you can trust Praxis Data Systems for all of your I.T. solutions in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Need a network intervention in an emergency? Contact our expert staff at (856) 679-2256 or send us an email at and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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