New Jersey IT Company Contributes Noteworthy Expertise during Talk at ASCII Success Summit in Miami

Praxis Data Systems’ Harry Srolovitz Sheds light on Importance of Compliance in Financial Institution IT Solutions

GIBBSBORO, NJ – July 11th 2016 – This past June 22nd, Harry Srolovitz of Praxis Data Systems in Gibbsboro was a featured speaker at The ASCII Group’s annual Success Summit. This year’s event was held at the Eden Roc Resort in Miami Beach Florida and featured an extensive variety of IT industry experts and thought leaders. Srolovitz represented New Jersey’s Praxis Data Systems, specifically offering expertise in the area of managed IT solutions that support the upholding of security compliance standards. 

Due to the highly sensitive nature of financial data, compliance is a huge facet of optimizing technological forces in finance institutions. Without understanding the clearly defined standards of compliance that financial institutions are working within, IT solutions simply cannot be wholly beneficial. The list of compliance standards is constantly evolving and must be adhered to strictly by financial institutions if they don’t want to face steep penalties. During his talk about financial institutions at the Success Summit, Srolovitz reiterates the critical nature of selecting IT solutions that are proven and secure. Because banks play such an important social role there is little room for error – security breaches and/or IT downtime simply aren’t an option. 

However, many financial institutions simply don’t have the time or man power to be consistently focused on IT concerns. Because many financial institutions simply don’t have the in-house capacity to ensure all these considerations are made, Managed IT Security and Services become an attractive solution. Srolovitz emphasizes that managed IT services can serve as a means of sustaining productivity and upholding standards. Not only do MSP’s like Praxis handle network security and performance concerns, they also devote time and energy to developing cost-saving and productivity-driving information technology strategies. 

Srolovitz is passionate about bringing a unique and specified type of managed IT security and services to the financial institution market. Furthermore, he is passionate about bringing the information to other IT companies just as he did at the ASCII Success Summit. By developing a research-based approach to meeting compliance standards through IT solutions, Srolovitz has established an Advanced Security platform of IT service and support that caters specifically to the challenges financial institutions face. Srolovitz strongly believes in the functional and protective ability of this platform and urges other IT managed service providers to become familiar with the relevant data. Becoming well-versed with the appropriate associations and regulations is critical to providing informed and adequate managed IT service in the financial sector.

If you’d like to share more with your business-minded readership about how managed IT services can make a difference in the financial service industry, reach out to Harry Srolovitz with Praxis Data Systems. A quick interview can connect your audience with noteworthy considerations about upholding compliance standards through reliable and secure IT strategies.


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